Get to know this unbelievable charger

An one stop charger to power all your USB devices? I bet this is a good option for every modern people. The one - compacted designed, outputs lots of power, rapidly recharge multiple devices at once, is absolutely your No.1 charger.

SuperCharge - Intelligent charging

We know that traditional charger delivers default charging level to every attached device, this may lags charging speed behind and cause harm to devices because of over-charging. Ideal current level of charging varies from device to device The upgraded ORICO charger has adopted with SuperCharge™ technology that enables each port to deliver power correspondently.
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ORICO, cooperating with MPS, jointly designed this USB charger series.

Largely improve electric conversion rate, thus raise charging speed, cause less heat dissipation and make charging safer.

Voltage loss compensation technology

Ensure default power supply by compensating voltage loss caused by heat dissipation and etc. Keep pace with ideal voltage level by compensation voltage loss, hence ensure fast charging speed.

Current control per port

The protection mechanism of traditional USB charger in the past obsolete, now, every ORICO USB charger uses built-in controller to control current level.

Quick Charge 2.0 & Quick Charge 3.0

It takes about 30 minutes to charge to 80% capacity

Quick Charge 2.0 delivers three scales of power output, they are 5V2.4A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A. it initially adopts INOV algorithm that make 200mv as one scale to deliver flexible 3.6V-20V voltage, hence improve charging efficiency and heat dissipation This allows charger to deliver ideal power supply, no more, no less. Hence minimize heat dissipation and improves charging efficiency.

Reversible design, outputs 10 times of power

Type-C & USB3.1 - PD

Type-C plug. measuring 8.4mm by 2.6mm, has adopted reversible design which enables it to be blind pluggable. USB3.1 PD specification enables the maximum functionality of USB by providing more flexible power delivery. Now USB has become a ubiquitous power socket for many devices along ensuring stable data transferring.
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