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40TB Removable Storage

The wonderful moment is transient. Besides sharing, you need enough space to backup those moving pictures, amazing videos, 4K BD movies, PS4 / VR / AR games. ORICO large-capacity, high-speed and flexible storage greatly simplifies your work and life. Whether quick backup or disposing files, ORICO external hard drive enclosures meet your storage requirements and speed up the workflow of RAW editing.

Simplify the Workflow

Our storage products were upgraded to SATA3.0 and support 8TB each bay (5 bay: 40TB); UASP technology increases 20% speed and reduces utilization of CPU, still keeping perfect performance. Hot-swapping supported, ORICO external hard drive enclosures with USB3.0, e-SATA3.0 and USB3.1 make copy, edit or redesign easier, the same as your PC drives. You can store in or take out hard drives with files at any time, simplifying your workflow and improving work efficiency.


A terrific photographer is good at product, portrait and scenery photography. From the capacity, my Mac hasn't met my photographing needs for more and more negatives. A large-capacity PC with strong graphics processing power is the important equipment for my DIY. I have to say, 1109SS hard drive caddy helps a lot for building my graphics station.

Our External Storage Products

WD Red Has Many Advantages for External Storage

64M and SATA3.0 port with WD's 3D Active Balance Plus technology make WD Red excellent in read-write, creating/deleting files, program application and copying files, whose indexes caught up with WD6000HLHX's performances, (PS: WD6000HLHX is running at 10000rpm, whose performance is the best among HDDs for now) due to WD Black RE's TLER RAID which can prevent hard drive breaking away from RAID and backup cache data when power off. Unique 3D Active Balance reduces vibration of drive, noise, consumption and prolongs hard drive's life; the average MTBF is up to 1 million per hour, higher than the normal MTBF's 650 thousand per hour. IntelliSeek, IntelliPark and IntelliPower balance performance, consumption and noise. Besides, equipped with StableTrac, it consumes 7.4W while working, 4.0W in energy-saving mode, keeping high performance and long using life for uninterrupted running up to 7 x 24 hours.