ORICO 2.5 / 3.5 inch 2 Bay USB3.0 1 to 1 Clone Hard Drive Dock (6628US3-C)

Product Description
Product Specification

Expand large capacity

With the development of lossless movie technology and 3D technology, data interaction is more and more frequent. ORICO 6628US3-C supports 16TB replaceable hard drives, bringing more convenience for your life.
2 bay hard drive dock, expand large capacity

Faster sync and no more waiting

USB3.0 to SATA3.0 program supports UASP protocol, which increases by 20% transfer speed for large capacity storage devices and reduces utilization of CPU, data delay and waiting time. 6 Gbps speed, stable transmission, adequate power supply and wide compatibility greatly improve working efficiency.
the 2 bay hard drive enclosure is faster sync and no more waiting

Standalone clone

Built in new clone technology, ORICO 6628US3-C copies massive data without connecting computer, improving efficiency and security but not influencing your work and life.
the hard drive duplicator supports Standalone clone

Tool free, plug and play

Installs HDD or SSD without any tools, hot-swapping supported, plug and play.
the hard drive duplicator is tool free, plug and play

LED indicator

6628US3-C is equipped with soft LED indicator, which lights up blue that means it's normal and flashes blue and red that means hard drive is running; copy process indicator flashes blue which means it is copying and remains lit which means copy is done.
LED indicator

Multiple systems supported

Compatible with most of systems on the market such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Different systems, same fast transmission.
the 2 bay hard drive dock is Multiple systems supported

Multi-safety protection

Built-in over current / voltage, electrical leakage, short circuit and clutter protection keep data transfer safer.
Multi-safety protection