ORICO 7 Port USB3.0 HUB with BC1.2 Technology & 12V5A Power Adapter (BH7-U3-V1)

Product Description
Product Specification

New choice for USB extension
SuperSpeed USB3.0 + BC1.2

Integrating SuperSpeed USB3.0 transmission with USB BC1.2 charging specification, BH7-U3 can provide 1.0 - 2.4A current to charge your cellphone / tablet while expanding USB ports for the computer.
SuperSpeed USB3.0 HUB + BC1.2 charger

5 Gbps fast transmission

Transfer rate of SuperSpeed USB3.0 reaches up to 5 Gbps in theory, 10 times faster than USB2.0, quicker and more stable.
the hub supports 5 Gbps fast transmission

Multi-port easy expansion
No worry lacking interface

7 USB3.0 ports meet your requirements for the number of ports and protect precious original PC port; easy to carry.
the 7-port hub is Multi-port easy expansion

BC1.2 charging specification
Charge when shut down the computer

Connect BH7-U3 to the power, then charge your cellphone or tablet at any time, even without charger or turning on the computer.
BC1.2 charger compatible with BC1.2 charging specification

Single port of up to 2.4A

BH7-U3 can be as a 7-port charger whose single port provides current of up to 2.4A, which works with most 5V digital devices according with BC1.2 charging specification, efficient to charge.
the 7-port HUB supports single port of up to 2.4A

Multiple systems supported

BH7-U3 is compatible with major systems on the market such as Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista, Linux, Mac OS and so on, stable and reliable.
the hub is Multiple systems supported