ORICO 36W 4 Port Car Charger (MPU-4S)

Product Description
Product Specification

Intelligently multi-function car charger
Fast charging, essential choice for your car

ORICO MPU-4S is a brand-new 48W intelligent detection equipment, can intelligently charge and discharge, also automatically match the charge current. Not just that, its built-in multiple security mechanisms ensure the security and stability of the device.
Intelligently multi-function car charger

Strong power - charge four devices simultaneously

MPU-4S comes with standard 12V cigarette lighter, whose output power is up to 36W. 4 USB support your phones and tablets to charge simultaneously. Easy to enjoy constantly linking, uninterruptible power on your trip.
48W strong power car charger- charge four devices simultaneously

Intelligent recognition IC
Fast but not damage your phone

It adopts intelligent IC, beyond the many brands of domestic and foreign. Moreover, it also integrates into the new technology such as smart recognition and converter, intelligently compatible and fast charge, intelligent security mechanisms. Subverting the conventional digital charge mode, bringing you more efficient and safer charging experience.
smart car charger with Intelligent recognition IC

Intelligent converters
Automatic matching current

Different digital devices need different current, so it is important to automatically recognize output current. However, ORICO MPU-4S is equipped with intelligent charging output interface, which can automatically identify the required input current and adjust to match the output current. It is the ideal choice to meet your needs.
4 port car charger with intelligent converters

Intelligently compatible, widely used

This car charger is compatible with most 5V electronic equipments on the market, such as cellphone, tablet, power bank, eBook reader, etc. Smart match but not damage your devices.
Intelligently compatible, widely used

Exquisite appearance, more suitable for your car

ORICO MPU-4S multi-port charger adopts an extremely delicate matte process, which can effectively prevent fingerprints and scratches. Compact and exquisite, high-end and elegant.
Exquisite appearance, more suitable for your car