ORICO 7 & 9.5mm Aluminum Alloy Internal Hard Drive Caddy for Laptops (L95SS)

Product Description
Product Specification

Large capacity, excellent performance
Solve the problem of slow systems

If the starting speed of your laptop is very slow, then we suggest you acquire a hard drive caddy put into SSD. First, take out CD-ROM, then put the hard drive caddy equipped with hard drive into your laptop, which increases capacity of one hard drive, hoisting your laptop's speed.
Large capacity, excellent performance

Multichannel switch, more compatible
Support most of 9.5mm laptops

According to ORICO year's experience of product research and development, multichannel switch prevents part of laptops from being not compatible. Whether Lenovo, Asus, Dell, HP, Acer or IBM, laptops with 9.5mm CD-ROM optical bay are supported.
Multichannel switch, more compatible

Faster and faster

Equipped with SATAIII, ORICO L95SS makes your hard drive give play to high performance, improving read-write speed.
makes your hard drive give play to high performance, improving read-write speed.

Integrated high quality
Aluminum magnesium alloy, elaborate design

Ideal solution for connectivity between 2.5 inch HDD and computer.
it provides stable data transfer yet is compact designed, easy to tuck it into your pocket or bring it anywhere.
Aluminum magnesium alloy, elaborate design

Multiple protection
Fix with 4 screws

L95SS is equipped with 4 screws which fix hard drive to prevent laptop from shaking inside, avoiding hard drive being damaged.

Unplugging more smoothly
Hidden hexagonal screwdriver

With its hidden hexagonal screwdriver, you can install it any time, unplugging more smoothly.
Unplugging more smoothly