ORICO Aluminum Alloy USB3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (ASL-U3)

Product Description
Product Specification

Mac style of minimalism
Perfect matching

The same surface process as Mac, more fashionable, deserves to own.
Mac style surface process

Aluminum alloy matte finish
Pursue delicate life

Beautiful silver chassis made of aluminum alloy, processed by matte finish, cube shape with comfortable hand feeling.
Aluminum alloy matte finish

Easy to carry
Small and exquisite

Small dimension allows you to easily put it into your bag; separating data cable can be changed into different length and color according to your requirements, bringing you sweet user experience.
Small and exquisite,easy to carry

Gigabit Ethernet port
Enjoy high-speed network

Theoretical transfer rate is up to 1000Mbps and support 10 / 100Mbps transmission; complete mass data transfer for a little time, fast network speed, nice mood.
High-speed Gigabit Ethernet port

Bran-new controller
Power derives from inside

Bran-new SuperSpeed USB3.0 transfers mass data and makes performance more excellent, consumption lower.
Bran-new SuperSpeed controller

Automatic sleep, remote wakening

Support IEEE 802.3az energy-saving Ethernet, when disconnection or breakdown, product will move into sleep mode to reduce consumption; sleep mode changes according to network status, remotely wake up once get wakening order, intelligent and considerate.
Automatic sleep, remote wakening

Full duplex / half-duplex mode

Support backpressure routing and IEEE 802.3 flow control for full-duplex (FDX) and half-duplex (HDX) systems; support IPV4 / IPV6 net, examine and correct transferring data; reduce the burden of PU; Self-adjust different network environments
Full duplex / half-duplex mode

Power management, auto reserve function

Support power management; support self-adaptive 10 / 100 /1000 Mbps, auto reserve, automatically recognizes crossover or straight-through network cable.
Power management, auto reserve function