ORICO 3A USB3.1 Type-C Charge & Sync Cable (TCU31)

Product Description
Product Specification

ORICO TCU31, SuperSpeed+ USB3.1 connectivity

Since CES released USB3.1, its transfer speed get improved from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps. ORICO catches up with new level of technology development and launches TCU31 with both Type C and USB3.1, which provides SuperSpeed+ transfer rate for you.
SuperSpeed+ USB3.1 connectivity Type-C charging cable

Reversible Type C connector, blind plug and pull

Smaller than Micro USB, Type C connector is more applicable for ultra-mini handy devices, which plug and pull easily without eyes, don't even bother to distinguish the direct and reverse, efficient and convenient.
Reversible Type C connector, blind plug and pull

High power supply is possible

The voltage and current of USB3.1 is no longer confined to 5V900mA and higher power supply will appear, which improve charging and sync speed for your cellphones or tablets. Thanks to USB3.1, TCU31 will be a new good partner of upcoming SLRs, cellphones, tablets and other electronic devices.
Type-C charging data cable, high power supply is possible

Great compatibility, powerful performance

Continuing USB usual friendly compatibility, USB3.1 is backwards compatible with USB3.0 / 2.0 supporting hot swapping and most of operation systems.
Great compatibility, powerful performance

Double strong signal protections

With 95% high quality oxygen-free copper wire, TCU31 offers double shielding protections to realize transmission at high speed.
Double strong signal protections

Compatible devices

TCU31 is compatible with brand-new 12 inch MacBook, Chromebook, ZUK Z1, OnePlus Two, Nokia N1 tablet, Le phone, ASUS mainboard etc.
The data cable is widely compatible