ORICO 14 inch Laptop Radiator (NA15)

Product Description
Product Specification

Aluminum anodic oxidation, outstanding craftsmanship

Made of aluminum the same as Mac products, ORICO NA15 whose thickness is 2mm ± 0.15mm, adopts anodic oxidation, having the effect of anti-oxidizing and wearproof.
Aluminum anodic oxidation

DIY the position of fans, as you control

Adjust the position of fans by yourself to focus on reducing heat. Blow wherever you want.
DIY the position of fans

High speed, cool double fans

Double 80mm modular mute fans; 2000 ±10% rpm ventilation cooling; refrigerating efficiency gets improved doubly, quick cool-down.
High speed, cool double fans

Borrow a USB port return another one, no space occupation

Borrow a USB port return another one without occupying USB port, making the most of USB ports.
no space occupation

21dB volume, little more loud than breathing

Thanks to the innovative fluid bearing technology, the sound of radiator is just little more loud than breathing, bringing quiet environment for work and life.
21dB volume

Compact design, easy to carry

ORICO NA15 whose dimension is 330*206*42mm, can work with 15 inch or below laptops, which is easy to carry on a trip or business due to its compact design.
Compact design, easy to carry