ORICO 3.5 inch 2 Bay Aluminum Alloy Network Attached Storage (3529NAS)

Product Description
Product Specification

16TB replaceable storage

ORICO 3529NAS supports mass storage of up to 8TB for each bay, which makes you store your all pictures, videos and other files with only one product (Hard drive not included).
NAS storage 16TB replaceable storage

Large capacity, secure storage

ORICO 3529NAS provides network access, FTP, DLNA / UPnP, SMB LANs and large capacity storage for family and small business, protecting information well.
Large capacity hard drive enclosure, secure storage

Easy to get your files

3529NAS offers Windows / iOS / Android client-side, which can access your files through cloud web and edit, upload and download the information you want in real time. What's more, it supports multiple-access, allowing groups to work together.
Easy to get your files

Safe and speedy back-up

RAID0 / 1 / Clear mode supported, replaceable hard drive capacity (2 x 8TB). No matter what RAID mode you need, safe, fast or efficient, 3529NAS is always your ideal solution.
Safe and speedy back-up

High quality storage center

3529NAS is an ideal storage center for blue ray or 1080P movies, which can play movies or pictures through wireless or USB3.0 on smart TV, Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, computer, cellphone, etc.
High quality raid hard drive enclosure

Standby for 24 hours

When 3529NAS downloads files, you just need to switch on BT download function and set up downloads, then turn off the computer, which solves the inconvenience of large file downloading and the problem of wasting electricity.
Standby for 24 hours