ORICO 40W 5 Port (QC2.0 * 1) Smart Desktop Charger (QSL-5U)

Product Description
Product Specification

Speed challenge
QC2.0 technology, faster than you expect

Integrated with Qualcomm Quick Charge2.0 technology which means when cellphone and other digital products input current limited, improve voltage and power to charge cellphone, reducing charging time.
charger with QC2.0 technology, faster than you expect

Optimize charging efficiency
Charging speed increases by 75%

It takes only 10 min to supplement 20% energy for you, 30 min to supplement 60% - 75% energy for 3000mAh cellphone, charging speed increasing by 75% than normal charger. QC2.0 charger greatly reduces your charging time.
qc2.0 quick charge charger optimizes charging efficiency

5 USB ports, your desktop assistant
2.4A and QC2.0 ports, two choices

1 QC2.0 port (5V2A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A output) and 4 Super Charge ports whose single port is up to 5V2.4A pump out 40W, 5V8A overall, which can charge five devices simultaneously, your amazing desktop charging station.
5 port charger, your desktop assistant

40W high power, fast and adequate
Fully charged in 2 hours

40W high power allows 5 smartphones or tablets to be charged simultaneously even full-load and every USB port is equal to a high-powered charger, safe and low-heated.
40W high power, fast and adequate

Current control circuit
More secure

A current control circuit monitors output current in real time, and USB stops output once abnormal current or short circuit happens, helping to defend the integrity of devices and avoid accidents, furthermore, automatic reset supported.
Current control circuit

Intelligent IC, more reliable
Accurate charging

Built-in USB intelligent IC can recognize your tablets, cellphones, power banks, iPod, MP4 and other 5V devices to deliver ideal current as soon as possible.
smart charger, intelligent IC, more reliable

Delicate in detail
Technology also can be an art

High gloss finish and carefully crafted make ORICO QSL-5U not only be a technological product, but also a work of art.
Delicate in detail