ORICO Type-C to USB3.0-A*4 HUB (W10PH4-C3)

Product Description
Product Specification

Advanced technology, dominates in the future
Type-C expansion, meets your requirements

New MacBook reserves only one Type-C port for thinner design experience. ORICO Type-C Mini Hub connects your MacBook and expands 4 USB3.0 ports. Let's prepare for upcoming Type-C era.
Type-C hub Type-C expansion, meets your requirements

Type-C, good for you
Perfectly match New MacBook

1. The transfer rate reaches up to 10 Gbit/s that is USB3.1 standard;
2. Dimension of Type-C connector is about 8.3 x 2.5mm, small and slim;
3. Insert the connector in a right way all the time; keep in a good condition even being plugged 10,000 times;
4. The Type-C data cable approves 3A current and supports USB PD, provides powerful electricity up to 100W.
the Type-C HUB perfectly match New MacBook

Every port is USB3.0
SuperSpeed transmission, fast but safe

SuperSpeed USB3.0 ports not only bring 5 Gbps transmission, but also prevent HD audios, videos and files from damaging during transfer, greatly improving transfer speed and safety.
USB3.0 HUB Every port is USB3.0

Mini design, brilliant all the way
Convenient life, start out small

85 x 30 x 22mm dimension is great for desktop use and convenient for carrying. Powerful performance but small size bring amazing user experience.
the 4-port HUB is Mini designed, brilliant all the way

Excellent controller, superior performance
Intelligent and stable

ORICO W10PH4-C3 is equipped with excellent controller to ensure stable transmission and intelligent operation.
the HUB adopts excellent controller, superior performance

Wonderful inside, beautiful outside
Compact design, carefully crafted

W10PH4-C3 whose every line and corner are carefully crafted, perfectly matches with MacBook, which is easy to use and gives you pure visual aesthetics.
the HUB is wonderful inside, beautiful outside

Widely compatible
Handle all kinds of devices

ORICO W10PH4-C3 is compatible with Windows / Mac OS / Linux / Android4.2 and other major systems; also work with cellphones, tablets, hard drives, U-disks, mice, keyboards, wireless adapters and other USB devices.
Widely compatible