ORICO 2.5 / 3.5 inch Hard Drive Duplicator Adapter (2013USJ-C)

Product Description
Product Specification

One to two standalone clone
Copy without connecting computer

Built in new clone technology, 1 to 2 SATA hard drive duplicator adapter customized for fanciers, IT staffs and HD users, back up data quickly without computer, software or complicated setting, greatly improving working efficiency and security.
hard drive duplicator supports One to two standalone clone

Read and write function of hard drive
Three hard drives operate simultaneously

2013USJ-C is equipped with USB2.0 data cable, which can be a triple hard drive enclosure to connect your desktop, laptop and HD player reading files or backing up data, smoothly and fleetly. Support to copy system disk, no need installing repeatedly.
Read and write function of hard drive

Massive expansion
Each bay supports 8TB

Relying on ORICO years' experience of storage design, put excellent compatible performance in PCB circuit and SATA hard drive design, which makes each bay supports capacity of up to 8TB, bringing larger storage space for your work and life.
the duplicator is designed with excellent components

Multiple hard drives supported
One adapter for normal storage

Compatible with 2.5 & 3.5 inch HDDs or SSDs and 5.25 inch optical drives, enough for normal storage.
the 2.5/3.5 inch hard drive duplicator is suitable for multiple drives

Hard drive indicator
Monitor working status in real time

The red indicator blinks while cloning; clone done, the red indicator remains lit, HDD status clear at a glance.
the hard drive duplicator is designed with Hard drive indicator

Intelligent sleep and buzzing alarm

HDD automatically gets into sleep status once no read and write, pulling up USB or eSATA cable, PC sleep in 5 minutes to save energy and protect hard drive's life. If clone makes a mistake or has done, buzzing alarm alerts.
Intelligent sleep and buzzing alarm

Strong power adapter
Powerful expanding capacity

Equipped with 12V5A power adapter, easily meet power supply of large capacity hard drive, safe and stable.
the duplicator is enclosed with Strong power adapter

Tool free installation
Replace hard drive quickly

Continuing ORICO's design principle of simple and easy to use, no driver needed, hot-swapping supported, plug and play, free to store.
Tool free installation

Aluminum chassis
Practical and fashionable

Made of aluminum alloy and fireproof material with black and white color, simple and sleek, classic and beautiful; easy to carry, perfectly matches standalone clone, letting you enjoy fast storage life.
Made of aluminum alloy and fireproof material with black and white color