ORICO Aluminum Cylinder Type-C Universal Docking Station with 6 USB3.0-A & Type-C PD & DC 12V & HDMI 4K (ADS5)

Product Description
Product Specification

Cool Type-C Docking Station

With Type-C + 4K HDMI + Gigabit Ethernet +Type-C PD interfaces, bring more conveniences to the Type-C host users.

Type-C tech pioneer

As an 8-year veteran peripherals manufacturer, ORICO has been at the forefront of technology. We take 3 months of careful research and development to bring trendy cool docking station to the digital lovers.

Be your mobile host; turn phone into computer

Connect the phone with a displayer and mouse by this docking station. You can operate the phone through the large-screen displayer, and the phone will work like a computer host.

Mobile portable office

ORICO Docking Station + phone = mobile host, bring you more conveniences. With it, you can work anywhere you are.

Aluminum texture, as good as Mac

Use aerospace aluminum-magnesium alloy to build peripheries, anodized fireproof materials to build the surface. Creative appearance, can perfectly match with Mac computer.

DC 12V interface or Type-C PD interface, two charging choices

1.Match with desktop/notebook without PD function, you can choose DC 12V interface.
2.Match with notebook with PD function, you can connect the original charger of notebook, or the charger supporting Type-C PD with the Type-C interface by a data cable to reversely charge the notebook.

HDMI-4K HD resolution input

Nowadays, many products, such as Samsung curved 4K SUHD, LG EG9900 4K curved OLED, Sony XBR-X900C series, Sling TV, have regarded 4K resolution as the standardized resolution. 4K HDMI Input brings you high-definition resolution.

Extension hub

High-profile interface.