ORICO Mini Office Computer (P1)

Product Description
Product Specification

As portable as mobile phone

The computer we use is with high productivity yet still bulky
Now ORICO officially launched a mini-computer specifically for highly integrated office or mobile office, it is as portable as a 5.5-inch iPhone6 Plus. You can put the high-performance office computer into the pocket at any time, ready to work and play.

HD large-screen expansion makes office work easier

Equipped with Intel's sixth generation graphics core HD Graphics, easy to deal with 3D video, supports HDMI output. You can use the desktop screen, conference room projector, even home TV and other screen, immediately open the HD video entertainment, complete emergency tasks.

PC level application control, catch up with the speed of computer

Compared to other mobile devices, the P1 undergoes a special computer-level system optimization, matchs with 22-nanometer Intel® quad-core CPU, eMMC which is faster than the mechanical hard drive and up to 2Gb DDR3L 2GB memory.

Windows 10×Andriod KitKat

One-key switch, dual-original eco system
Supports efficient Windows 10, it will bring intelligent split-screen, virtual desktop, voice assistant Cortana, Spartan browser, Defender security antivirus, depth system integration Office and other efficient features. Different from before, all of these are depth system integration, more smooth and efficent. To be close to work and entertainment, ORICO P1 is built-in Andriod KitKat for the original Andriod games, entertainment and office applications. Double click "DualOSSwitch" to change to Andriod, drop-down and tap the "OS SWITCH" to alter to Windows 10.

High integration and low cost

Bluetooth 4.0 makes connection more free

Compared to the traditional desktop computer wired transmission, built-in new PC-class Bluetooth 4.0 and AP6234, 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band network card, powerful sharing performance, transfer files, Bluetooth mouse or listen to music, is more freely.

Low consumption, low heat and low noise

The built-in Intel® Bay trail-T CPUs are designed for office use and do not blindly pursue the ultimate in high-fexibility. Low consumption, low heat and high thermal conductivity alloy material make it work steady. Combined with the customized original system to guarantee fluent work.