Focus on Quick Charging & Time-saving
Aim to be the BOLT in Power Bank Charging


Today, I wanna run faster. There is no possibility to be another BOLT, however, my power bank may rank first when competed with others in charging, with QC3.0 high tech. A song time to charge, 5km long-run to accompany.

Charge both PC and Router
Catch the Sparkling Inspiration

Tue.  10:00PM  POWER Failure

When deadline meet with unfinished program,
when inspiration meet with abrupt power failure,
PC power bank is always your Plan-B.
No need to find adapters or jacks.
Only two steps can fix up.
Step 1, connect with PC.
Step 2, connect with router.
Then, all well be done…

Pocket power bank
Take a Sweet Short Trip

Wed.  6:00PM  OFF DUTY

Company-Line1-Line2-BUS-Home It is the portable power bank that always be my side the way home, giving me energy and strength. Relax my tense nerve, ease my tiring soul with its gentle current and stimulate me to fight for a better life.

20000mAh Large Capacity Enough Power to GO


Busy assignment and tense negotiation need more power backup. Whenever you need charging, wherever the energy is.

iPhone 6S 10 times

Distinctive Color Design
Shinning like Stars

Fri. 8:00PM  PARTY

Tonight, I ‘m going to be an eyesight-ripper. Wearing delicate dress, holding unordinary power bank, hoping someone to fall for me. Macaroon Pink, Chocolate Brown Creation needs breaking convention, We are born to be UNIQUE.

Aluminum Alloy Design
Good Taste deserves Amazing Serendipity

Sat. 12:00AM  DATING

Wearing exquisite suit, well prepared for the girl who has stolen my heart. These Power Bank Series have aluminum alloy surface, aiming to upgrade the texture, promote self image, and helping to impress the one.

Professional Outdoor UPS
Super Power Supply

Sun. 8:00PM  Camping

Go for a camping along with your friends, abandon yourself in the boundless field in the daytime, and immerse yourself in the spectacular sky in the night. We can easily get away from the noise of the city, but we can not escape from the warmness of electricity and lightness of it.